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As of January 2020, we are temporarily closed. New improved office coming soon. Stay tuned…..


Kidada is currently seeing patients at community acupuncture clinics

Brooklyn Acupuncture Project 

Wed 10-2

Thurs 4-8pm

Fri 10-2pm

Brooklyn Open Acupuncture

Sat 10-1pm


and Hosting her first Women’s Retreat

Release & Renew


We look forward to hearing from you!
Get in touch by emailing kidada@1kb.fd9.myftpupload.com



“Absolutely the best decision I have ever made. I feel like I am a more well balanced person because of the treatment from Kidada”.
M. Johnson 2013
“Quite amazed at the relief and long lasting effects, Kidada helped my body heal itself and I no longer feel those nagging persistent aches. But what I love most about my time with Kidada is being in her presence. She is a fantastic listener, an essential quality for a successful practitioner.”
Staci S., Maryland