Acupuncture is a healing therapy that falls under the umbrella of Chinese Medicine. Birthed in China over 4,000 years ago, it has successfully spread all over the world as a highly regarded form of medicine. The mechanisms by which this medicine works is sophisticated and rooted in thousands of years of observations. The goal of acupuncture is to help your body heal itself and move into balance. Acupuncture involves the insertion of small hair like needles, or pins, into the skin along meridians (channels) of energy within the body. Once the needles are placed, your body does the work.



People often report feeling movement in their bodies, feeling more relaxed and open, seeing colors or images and/or a heavy sensation. Everyone's experience is different. Many people have overcome bodily & emotional pain, asthma, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and much more thru the use of Acupuncture. It is safe, relatively pain-free, with no side effects.

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What to Expect

•First session - 2 Hours
•Health History: verbal questionnaire about you and your health concerns and health, social, family history
•Physical: observe tongue, listen to pulses, palpate areas along torso, balance test.
•Treatment : Pins placed in back, arms, legs, feet, ears or hands. You rest for 30-40 mins.

•Follow up treatment - 1 Hour
•Check in: What have you noticed? What has changed?
•Pluses taken, tongue observed.
•Treatment: Pins placed. You rest for 30-40 mins.

Most of the time you will remain clothed, exposing only needed area. Sometimes, you may be asked to remove tops and/or socks.

•First Session: $125
•Follow-Up: $80
•Insurance accepted. Contact me or your insurance carrier for coverage details.

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

For centuries, points on the ear have been stimulated to create a positive effect within the person. Each part of the body can be reached through the ear, as in reflexology on the feet.

The NADA protocol is a specific treatment that involves the placement of five pins in the ear's cartilage. Each pin is place in a specific region/point in the ear. The five points used are sympathetic, shen men, kidney, liver, lung.

Treatment Benefits:
Helps the body deeply relax, reduces bodily tension, feel and become more even. This protocol was initially used to treat addiction and has grown to help address PTSD, trauma, depression and stress to name a few. The points activated are:

Sympathetic - prompts the body to deeply relax.
Shen Men (Heart's Gate) - anxiety, heart palpitations, difficulty connecting with people, lack of self love.
Kidney - detoxes & harmonizes organ. unresolved fears while strengthening will power.
Liver - detoxes & harmonizes organ. anger, frustration, bodily tension & pain while strengthening action.
Lung - detoxes & harmonizes organ. grief, sadness, holding on while strengthening faith & higher purpose.

- 40 min session $50
- Can also be done in conjunction w/full body acupuncture at no cost.